Pigeon Bank’, settled majestically on top of one of ‘Kangaroo Grounds’ highest hills with stunningly commanding views boasts the prestigious title of the oldest and most prominent remaining property in ‘Kangaroo Grounds’ long and fascinating history. The 1840’s home is settled under several towering 150 year old English Oak trees. With her beautiful expansive gardens, ornamental lake and rambling farmland she is a haven to escape to at the end of each day. Once you enter the 11.5 acre property and the tall gates close behind you, you are embraced by her invisible arms and welcoming warmth, allowing you to retreat to the days of long ago when all around you was graceful and seemingly slower. She offers you serenity and charm and a delightful peacefulness only broken by an occasional birdcall.

By your visit you have become part of her fascinating history affording a sense of contentment and belonging.

Pigeon Bank’, built in the Victorian style with 1930s alterations, retains her charming farm house exterior. The wide verandah with a curved iron roof and ornate iron lace work bounds three sides of this historical home.